Popular Basement Ceiling Options to Choose


Most people store their stuff in the basement along with other kind of things that was not fitted to put in the rest of the house. This is the reason that most people always related basement as the dreary, dark and scary room. There is no reason to keep this opinion because you can transform your basement as a living part in your home. You can do different kind of thing to make http://allonesky.ca/espiar-de-celular-a-celular-gratis-nyw/ this happen and installing iphone spyware for ios 6 the ceiling is one of the most effective ways to make your basement livable.

If you want to do that, then here are some basement ceiling options that you can choose.

  • Suspended ceiling. This is considered the most popular options that you can find in people house. This kind of ceilings consists only from gird and also lightweight panels or tiles. It was popular because it was easy to install and provide the perfect coverage of the electric wire, beams, ductwork and other kind of stuff that hang on the ceiling.
  • Wood or bamboo ceiling. This is perfect options if you like to create a natural feel in your basement. It gives the natural and artistic feel that you will love
  • Drywall ceiling is another basement ceiling options that you can choose. This kind of ceiling made from a layer of gypsum that won’t take too much space and that means you don’t mobile spy tracking software free download need to sacrifice any height. But, it was quite complicated to install and you better to handle this kind of job to the professional installer.

  • Mirror ceiling. Now, this kind of ceiling options that will give the illusion of bigger and wider basement although it will use some creative and clever installation to give the desired result.
  • Fabric ceiling. This option of ceiling was considered pretty unusual but creative idea. It was pretty inexpensive too and you can choose any color to this option. You can staple the fabric to the ceiling and remove it if you need to work with the pipes or electrical wiring in your ceiling. You can make it look like a canopy that you see in a festive or use a bold and colorful combination that will rent the gypsy atmosphere on your basement.

There are other ideas of basement ceiling options that you can choose and once you get them installed properly, you will find como descargar whatsapp spy android that you have an attractive basement that you can use more than just a storage room.


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