Some Facts about Reliabilt Windows You Should Know


Some people want to have reliabilt windows in their home. They believe that this type of windows can gives more protection for their house. But is it true if reliabilt windows can gives more protection than other windows? You will find the answer below. Now, it is important to you to know about the history of windows. There was a company called Lowes. It is company that always makes a good product in windows. Lowes is often to send their windows products to other companies. But actually there is other company inside of Lowes. It is Atrium.

History of Company

Atrium is a company that makes the manufactures and designs to make windows. Lowes bought Atrium Company. Then they re-branded as Reliabilt windows that we know. The company has been worked for years. It is built in 1948. Actually, their mission in that time wants to create the best windows. There are many companies work in same project. But almost all of them give high price in their windows products. So, Atrium wants to make the best windows in affordable price. In fact, Atrium can be one of the best windows company in the world. They are popular in Canada. They always make products in high quality from the beginning to the end.

Series of Reliabilt Windows

Some series of Reliabilt windows that we can see now are Realibilt 3201 and 3500. Let me explain the series one by one. Realibilt 3201 is popular series. It is a new upgrade for the previous series. It is 5600 series windows. Many people like to use this series of windows because the price of windows is quite cheap. The material of the window is vinyl. Though the price is cheap, but the windows are very strong. It is because of the frame is fusion welded. It comes in two options colors. They are almond and white.

People know Reliabilt windows 3500 as the best windows ever. It is an upgrade for Atrium 8700. Realibilt 3500 has elegant and stylish products. Besides the styles, it also has maximum energy and protection. You may get warranty of all parts in the windows, including the vinyl and glass. The warrant is lifetime. It is prove that the product is really good. The colors options are still same with Realibilt 3201. They are almond and white. But you also can get choice if the standard style, such as oriel and cottage. It is a kind of windows you should have if you live in windy area.


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