The Benefits of Clerestory Windows


Window is an essential part of every building and house. For many years people have been developing different styles of window which particularly refer to different purposes. For example, the window style for the area with 4 seasons basically has different style for area with tropical climate. We can also recognize the style of window according to the original culture, such as the window style from China, Japan, Europe, and Native America. Some window styles used by various native cultures for centuries are still used widely in this modern year. One good example is the clerestory windows. Many buildings or private houses install such kind of window this day. The main characteristic of such window is its installation way. Commonly, people install window to get better look of the outside, so they install it at the eye level position. On the other hand, the clerestory style does not use this concept. The main purpose of certain window style is to get more lights and warmth from outside part. For this aim, the window is installed above the eye level or near to the ceiling. What is the meaning of this position?

The main benefit of such position is the more light and warmth that come from outside to inside the house through such window. Installing clerestory windows can somehow bring benefit to the energy use as well. The warmth and light can come to house interior easily, so people can cut their cost for some devices usage as such windows has taken their role. Additionally, such lights also provides more spacious sensation. People can also choose between the operable and non-operable window. The light and warmth can still go in for any of both types, because they are made from glass, but only the operable type allows air to get in the house as it can be closed or opened, while the non-operable is closed all the time.

Many modern houses include clerestory windows to gain such benefits. People might recognize this window style as a new one, but actually it has passed long history. The ancient Egypt, Rome, Greek, or any other well-known ancient culture has applied such window style for their important buildings. Even some famous building like Notre Dame Chapel also applies this window style concept. The main reason is surely same, energy saving and more lights and warmth to the interior parts. Regarding such benefits many modern architectural concepts also adopt such clerestory style for their windows with particularly modification to make it more appropriate with the modern style.


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