Three Alternatives for Windows Explorer Replacement


In this modern time, people will need to browse all things with internet connection. People can’t be separated with internet connection. They can search all things and buy product via online too. You are easy to download all files for free when you browse via online. You sometime feel so bad when you try to download file but in the middle of downloading process, your Windows explorer is not responding. You need new search engine that is more stable. If you have a plan to do windows explorer replacement and you need some alternatives for your search engines, you can try to use three alternatives here.

Choose Cubic Explorer

You can choose Cubic Explorer as windows explorer replacement. It looks complex but you actually can use this search engine in easy way. The right hand area in this search engine is used for the navigation. The top right hand box in this area is used to add place and browse all things in easy way. You can easy add new explorer tabs when you use this search engine. Second, you can choose to use Explorer ++. This search engine is good alternative for you who want to browse all things. Although the features of this Explorer ++ are not rich as Windows Explorer but you can use all things in easy way.

Choose MultiCommander
You can also choose MultiCommander for windows explorer replacement. This Explorer alternative provides tabbed interface for you. You can do all things in easy way such as rename your multiple files, navigate the folders, work with FTP servers and some other things. You can choose these three alternatives when you want to stop using Windows Explorer. When you need detail information about these alternatives, you can search detail information in the site now. You can check pros and cons of using new alternative and then decide which one that you will use.


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